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Services for Corporates & Brands

As a former HR professional with 6+ years of corporate experience, I understand that the needs of corporates differ significantly. At LifeinClicks Photography, we partner with corporates and brands to help create engaging experiences for their employees and clients.


Our corporate offerings center on the tenet-      “Curating compelling visual stories, creatively”

We aim to enhance HR engagement offerings by creating engaging photography-experiences in the areas of Rewards and Recognition, Parental Benefits, Employee Engagement activities and so on.  

Employee Engagement

As corporates work towards building a diverse workforce and reaping its business benefits, we strive to do our bit in fostering D&I through our compelling content- both visual and written. From portraiture to success stories, there are a range of avenues to explore. 

Diversity & Inclusion

As an experienced photographer and curator of written content, we strive to create lasting impressions through our storytelling, to wow your audience. 

Food Photography

When it comes to making your already delicious food look yummylicious, look no further! Our carefully curated food photography offerings are all about making your food stand out and take the audience on a mouth-watering visual trip.    From food-styling inputs, to conceptualizing the relevant props, we do it all! 

Product Photography

Your products, our creative storytelling expertise- the result is an attractive and engaging visual depiction! We offer lifestyle-product shoots by designing the look and feel to resonate with your brand positioning. From jewelry to perfumes, to apparel, to anything, we will create the visual story for your brand! 

Personal Branding Portrait

Portray your professional personality through made-to-custom, stylized and professional portraits. We use a minimalistic approach to bring out the ‘Real Professional You’ and help create a powerful personal image! Great for corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, artists, image makeovers, and much more! 

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